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Dank TV Catchprase : Discover and share unlimited dank memes and funny videos.



Discover dank videos only by scrolling down pages. I wanted it to be easy and intuitive to use while avoiding new page loadings between each posts because “ain’t nobody got time for that”. I wanted Dank TV to be flexible and offer different ways to discover new funny videos. That’s why the website now has many ways to find new dank videos. I first created the Random section for users that don’t want to be influenced by ratings and want to be surprised at each and every load. Then came the obvious Most Recent page that delivers the newest dank videos submited by users. The dankest videos of the week, ranked by your number of votes, are featured in Top. The “catalog” lists every post ever made on Dank TV and is made for you to find posts with keywords. Finaly, you can also, by checking any user profile, see all the dank memes they uploaded.


Share your favorite videos with your friends using the share buttons added to every individual posts to make it easier and faster for you. No need to show a 10 minutes long compilation video for a 3 second video anymore. Now every meme is individualy stored here ! Dank TV allows you to rate each meme one by one with a simple “dank” button. YOU determine the Top “dank videos” of the week while ratings other users posts. You can also comment on each dank video simply by clicking on it and scrolling down to the “comment section”. You can reply to comments, rate them and visit users profiles by clicking on their name !


Unlimited , as seen in our catchphrase “Discover and share unlimited dank memes & funny videos”, stands for the constant movement and evolution of Dank TV. Funny videos are being shared everyday and will be shared forever thus making Dank TV content unlimited.

Dank memes and funny videos are the exclusive Dank TV content. When I, Joachim Krieger, founded Dank TV on the fourth of april 2017 I wanted it to be a flexible, fast and intuitive sharing Platform reserved exclusively for dank memes and funny videos. No other Platform could provide me what I wanted so I decided to create it by myself. If you have any questions about us or our website, feel free to use our Contact form and FAQ pages.

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